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Measurement of body temperature is an important and simple method for observing clinical symptoms and knowing the onset and healing process of infection. However, it is not enough to separate which kind of infection we suffer. However, since the new coronavirus seems to have a continuous and prolonged fever (fever type), it is important information even if you look at it at home. Currently, there is no simple diagnostic kit like influenza, and it seems that the new coronavirus is diagnosed by PCR, which detoxifies the virus itself and then amplifies a part of it in a measuring machine. Hepatitis virus is evaluated a bit like influenza. The presence or absence of normal hepatitis is relatively easy with only blood antibody tests, and PCR to know the activity and therapeutic effect of hepatitis virus in patients with hepatitis Is used. However, PCR is not a general clinical test because it involves several steps by hand (it is often used in laboratories, but of course requires a reasonable space when dealing with infectious substances). In order to know the presence of the new coronavirus, we must start with PCR. Watching the TV, what the casters are doing, do it quickly without saying it! was shouting. Sure, you can do that, but it requires a lot of effort, cost, space and machinery, so it will be difficult to do with a little suspicion of the infection, and the site will be exhausted and confusing. You need to be calm in your stance to use limited resources effectively.

In any case, as much as possible to avoid crowding, as well as daily hand washing and cough etiquette, measuring body temperature is an easy way to manage your health, so it’s important to know your normal fever first. And I would like you to see the rise in body temperature and its progress, self-management without panic, and consult a medical institution at the right time.