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Physiology and Corona virus

When the new corona first became a problem, I found this review and thought it was related to physiology. I recently learned that it may be one of the exacerbating factors in hypertensive patients taking ACE (1) inhibitors. (but the virus come though the ACE(2) receptors ). I thought it would be a remedy if we could successfully spot this receptor site, but it may not be that simple. It seems that the current medicine is used to prevent the virus from increasing.

Hence, soluble ACE2 fragments or ACE2 antibodies might provide alternative anti-viral therapeutic approaches, although the possible side-effects of blocking ACE2 are unknown. Indeed, infection by SARS-CoV might affect ACE2 function adversely, which could in turn contribute to some of the pathology of the disease. Given the ability of viruses to usurp cell-surface peptidases and the prevalence of ACE in respiratory and other tissues, ACE itself might have a role as a receptor for an as yet unidentified virus.